fitness and fashion | Stylish looks for working out

4 looks for you to be inspired by and stick to the gym in 2022


fitness and fashion | Stylish looks for working out

4 looks for you to be inspired by and stick to the gym in 2022

Year in and year out, the promises are always the same: study a new language, save some money, take that trip and, of course, stick to the gym… And as good fashion lovers that we are, we brought you some ideas for looks that can serve as I encourage you to go steady at the gym in 2022.

In addition to being the most comfortable and practical pieces that exist, gym clothes open up an almost infinite range of possibilities and combinations, leaving us more active, willing and, of course, fashionistas.

Look all black:

Black is black. From the red carpet to the rubber floor of the gym and let's face it, you can't go wrong when we bet on all black. An entire production in black works in any style and occasion, especially when it comes to sportswear. All black makes us more comfortable playing with various add-ons and taking sporty production to new levels.

Prints and colors:

Calm! I know what you thought and it's nothing like that. Nowadays it is much easier to find prints in the market that are very cool for fitness clothes. It has floral, military, organic shapes… all in very good taste. And why not bet on printing when putting together a fitness production?

In addition to prints, colors can also be your allies in this fitness life, especially if you want a more fashionista look. There is no lack of inspiration from posts with color trends here on our website, colors can bring life to your productions and anything goes, from monochromatic looks to color blocking looks.

Biker shorts:

He, who has captured our hearts in recent seasons - as he works great on the hottest days of summer and is also a super trend of the moment. It goes well with everything and for all bodies. You can bet without fear.


It's been a while since the sweatshirt has appeared on the blogs' fitness clothing lists, right? Nowadays it is more for a comfy look than a fitness look, but nothing prevents it from being on this list because in addition to being very comfortable, if used correctly, it brings a lot of personality to the look inside and outside the gym.

We're even wearing the clothes to go… and you?

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